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Spain , Italy, France Trip 2019

Today I continue a journey, a journey that began with my grandparents and parents sharing their stories and experiences about life in Cuba about our family history. Today I travel to Spain in hopes of connecting with my families roots. I hope you will come along as I will be sharing photos from our experiences and sites we will visit. I am looking forward to creating new memories and documenting them with my camera. 

Come Fly With Me

And so it begins.............

At La Taberna de Mr. Pinkleton

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Day 1 in Madrid

After a long flight we landed, we landed in Madrid. We were greeted by friendly locals and traffic......  big cities are big cities no matter their geographical locations.  After settling in to our very cool and squeaky AirBnB we set off to explore and begin what would be mile and miles of walking ,exploring and making new memories. A short video of some of our experiences is below, more pictures soon.

Feels like Home

Day 2 in Madrid

There were more tapas with even more "copas', Madrid is beautiful and filled with much history and  passion. The city has a heartbeat all its own and the streets are full with an ever moving ocean of people.   We could spend another few days here exploring end experiencing Madrid's diverse culture and meeting its incredible proud people, but we leave for Barcelona tomorrow. I will expand on our Madrid experience as soon as we settle on the cruise.....  Tomorrow a high speed train will take us to Barcelona, new experiences and on to new countries.......

The Royal Palace Madrid

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Our "Uber" to Barcelona

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Churches, Palaces and Moscow Mules

Our last day in Madrid was a memorable one we walked more miles than I want to admit to and enjoy incredible sites in a large historic city. I will give a more detailed experience of this city with a bit more time. We took  the high speed train from Madrid to Barcelona , amazing at 285 KM per hour!  Next stop Nice, Italy.

Welcome Aboard 

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